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Used Technologies

Initially used to produce dynamic web pages, is widely used in developing web pages and applications. It is mainly used embedded in HTML code, but starting from version 4.3.0 can be used in a "command line" (CLI), allowing the creation of independent ... read more →

CreateWebSite use to create applications medium and large Zend Framework . This is one of the most stable and secure frameworks has been developed for PHP 5.

Its design is based on the structure of MVC (model-view-controller), resulting ... read more →

JavaScript is a programming language oriented concept prototypes.  It is mainly used to introduce functionality into Web pages, Javascript code on these pages are run by the browser.

The language is known for its use in building web sites,... read more →

Because users wish, but also developers as a site to be more interactive and have as many dynamic graphics, new technologies have been implemented markup and styling.

Thus by implementing two technologies can create various graphical ... read more →